Vokabel for Windows 10 updated with new game

About a week before Christmas a major update was released for Vokabel for Windows 10. "Capture the word" has been in the Android version for a long time and now it’s also available in the Windows 10 version. In this game you should pick the right word before it has moved along the screen. Try it, it's pretty fun :-)

All other games had also been updated with new graphics. It took a couple month for me to make this, so I hope someone enjoys it :-)

In the following months I plan to do some more minor updates to Vokabel. As always, let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestion.

21 January, 2018

New homepage

This page started 2:nd of June 1997 and has pretty much looked the same in almost twenty years. But now the page has new modern design, finally :-)

This has forced me to take a break from my other projects. My plan is to start working with these again.

1 October, 2017